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We're going to Zimbabwe, and We need your Support!

This January (2019), 3 of our organization's directors, Munesu , Kerry and Amanda will be traveling from Canada to Zimbabwe to perform a formal medical needs assessment of Mpilo and UBH Hospitals, and to deliver life saving Helping Babies Breath training which will address one of the leading causes of neonatal deaths in babies in Zimbabwe.

Mpilo hospital and UBH Hospitals are 2 of only six Central Hospitals in Zimbabwe, and the only two Central Hospitals in the city of Bulawayo with a dedicated Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU). Mpilo and UBH serve populations in the Bulawayo Metropolitan Province, Matabeleland North and South Provinces, Masvingo and Midlands Provinces (more than 2 million people). As of November 2015, Zimbabwe had the 4th highest rates of preterm births globally, with 16.6 babies out of every 100 babies born too early.

This trip will also be used as an information gathering trip to facilitate future programming and partnerships between local physicians and medical teams at Mpilo and other maternity hospitals in Zimbabwe. Funds raised will cover airfare for Kerry and Amanda,  room and board for 5 days, training materials, and local transportation costs.  We need your help to make this pivotal trip a reality. All efforts towards this trip are entirely voluntary and all the funds raised will go directly to this cause! 

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