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2020 - A Very Big Year, in Review!

2020 kicked off with great hopes for delivering projects (and containers!) that would make a meaningful impact in saving the vulnerable lives of neonates and their mothers in Zimbabwe. By March, we knew that it would be quite a feat as businesses began to close, and the world embraced the new normal brought on by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Yet, against these unprecedented odds, two 20 foot containers carrying 32 infant incubators and other materials for infant and maternal health care set sail for Zimbabwe bringing a year long project to fruition.

To those that have been on this journey from it’s initiation in May 2019, and the many hands that have touched this project along the way, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for believing in the vision and mission of this project. It is with hearts overwhelmed with gratitude that we say this: your generous support will be the reason a mother will get to take their baby home from the hospital, now and for years to come.

While we were forced to table some of the goals we set to achieve in 2020, infant and maternal health care needs in Zimbabwe have not ceased; we are very optimistic that 2021 will bring with it new opportunities to build on the work that has been started (and the wonderful relationships built!) and to make a meaningful impact in reducing preventable infant and maternal deaths in Zimbabwe. We hope that you, our wonderful and devoted “Thrive Hive”, will continue to join us on this journey.

Please enjoy these short Thank You Messages from the Hospital Staff at Mpilo & Parirenyatwa Hospitals in Zimbabwe

Photo Highlights from 2020:

Some of you may recognize this “Giant Container” from our Packing Party in 2019! This is the same container being loaded onto a truck for delivery to Parirenyatwa Children’s Hospital in Zimbabwe (June 2020).

Many Hands Make Light Work and this is so wonderfully depicted by Hospital Service Workers in Zimbabwe making sure our precious cargo made it to its final destination without a scratch.

Due to Covid restrictions and travel bans, one of our greatest apprehensions last year was our inability to be on the ground during the intricate incubator assembly process and to train local teams on their general usage and maintenance. As many of you will recall, we had to deconstruct the incubators to ensure they were compact enough to store and ship safely to Zimbabwe. Upon their arrival in Zimbabwe, the incubators and their parts were stored safely at Parirenyatwa Children’s Hospital, Zimbabwe in preparation for reassembly.

Within 2 weeks of their arrival on site, the Local Biomed Technicians, with some virtual support from the Sunnybrook Technicians, had the incubators assembled, plugged in and ready to save lives!

A Very Special Thank You to the Many Hands that have Touched This Project Along the Way!

  • Our generous donors that have given their monetary and social support to Thrive Project Zimbabwe throughout the year

  • The Rotary Club of Ottawa for their impactful monetary donation and unwavering support (and a very special thank you to John Lark for his generosity, guidance, commitment and oversite)

  • The Rotary Club of Harare for connecting the dots, filling the gaps and seeing this project to completion

  • The very generous Staff and Nurses at Sunnybrook Hospital for their unwavering support, for their faith in this project, their generous donations of time, support and of course, 32 infant incubators!

  • The team at Giant Containers for their support in the earliest stages of our project, their generous donations throughout this project

  • The Toronto Fire Dept (current and retired) for their incredible workmanship, commitment, and support of this project.

  • Dr. Inam Chitsike & Dr. Azzah Mashumba for their wisdom, guidance and for being the faces that kept us going when the future was unclear.

  • The Baby Heroes Africa Foundation

  • The Biomedical Technicians at Sunnybrook Hospital for their willingness to work with Thrive Project Zimbabwe, for lending your technical expertise to this project and for sticking with this project until the incubators were on and humming!

  • The Biomedical Technicians at Parirenyatwa Children’s Hospital for assembling the incubators in record time (with the helpful oversight of the SunnyBrook Biomedical Technicians).

.And all Thrive Project Zimbabwe Volunteers, Supporters, Advisors and Friends who have touched this project along the way.

Thank You · Merci · Tatenda · Siyabonga ·

From the Thrive Project Zimbabwe Team, We Wish you a Safe and Prosperous 2021!

© Thrive Project Zimbabwe

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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